To make life simpler for you guys and gals, I have re-organised the web pages that make up this bit of my site:

This page is now and index page for the others that follow, hope it helps

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How to set Rivnets with out the tool (well the proper one anyway)

Early Chassis and other pictures

Rolling at last or four wheels on my wagon!

The engine goes in for the first time (of several)

Scuttle woes!

Now time for the seats, no matter there is not much to put them in, but I felt ready to do the work

The pedals and steering take shape - almost

Trial fittings of the GRP bits, looking good

Well she is all painted and ready for the body panels to go on, and here they start to go..

The bonnet is now done and only one panel to go before I can start the final build!?!

That panel is now done!

The wind deflector is now made, and wiring going on a pace

NEW:  The cycle wing stays are here

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