It's really a car, yes  A Car!!!

Christmas has been & gone, so has the turn of the new year, and the new Century, the new millennium has either gone 3-4 years ago, or is yet to come

The intention of spending the hols in the garage working on the 'project' fell by the wayside, due to the 'flu (in bed 3 days temp to 38.5C - 101.4F etc etc) so no work done, still recovering from the after effects of the virus I spent Sunday in the garage (very cold until I started lumping back axles & engines around) and this is the result, none of the GRP is actually attacked yet, but don't she look good??

Found a couple of problems, the gear lever won't fit under the 38mm Dia tube that is the bottom of the dash (would be a tight fit even without the extra depth!), the carb is above the line of the bonnet, as are (or will be) several of the control cables or mountings etc.!! so it's either holes in the bonnet or re design it!

Anyway I'm proud of the look so far! now all I have to do is take it all apart again and anti-rust paint all the steel  Ho-Hum!




Any way I enjoy the challenge - or something like that!!