Pedals & Steering

Well, another week-end over, looking forward to the week ahead  & work :>(

So what happened this week-end.  Well a lot of work and very little to show for it!, though a major step forward has been taken.

I finally bit the bullet (or should that be billet??) and set to on the steering / pedals bit.  I had been putting this of for several sessions now - just did not know how or what to do.

I had been to my local, and very helpful, scrappy and got a MK3 escort (I think he said) inner steering shaft & a non servo MK2 escort master cylinder (designed to be mounted horizontally - essential I thought) along with a float type cap for the fluid pot.

There then followed much sawing, angle grinding (3/4 of a cutting blade on the old escort pedal box alone) filing, removing replacing and re-removing and re-replacing.  You get the picture?

Result I now have a working pedal box - well almost, I forgot to shorten the two pillars that hold the master cylinder to the green lines (just visible on the pictures below) before I welded it all together, still I know exactly what is needed to be done to put it right.  I did not make such a good bracket for the sierra steering column but the plan is a similar design.

I must say thank-you to Rick H  from  Aus for his helpful suggestions even though I did not do it the same way, it did get me thinking along the right lines, also thanks to the List for all their past - and future help, and all the other locost web sites around the universe.


Pedal box from the drivers side            Pedal box from the LHS                                        Pedal box from the RHS

The, not yet welded & pinned steering shaft extension

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