The saga continues! 

bored yet?? if so why did you look? 

For those of you who are interested another hard weekend in the garage resulted in one or two milestones being reached - well for me anyway.

Apart form a small burn on my forehead - from the debris from the angle grinder - why did I not put my base-ball cap on? no injuries this time. The major topic this week-end was the petrol tank. Started out as per the book until I tried to bend the 16SWG steel into right angles, it would not play.  Result tired fingers and wrist and ringing ears! I gave up and modified my approach, this resulted in a broken jig-saw and a trip to the 'big city' of Norwich to buy a new one (and a trip to the supermarket - to complicated to explain but it was the only way I was getting my sewing machine back - Like I said just don't ask) Sunday morning dawned bright - so I planted the bulbs and then went back to the real job at hand.

I part cut the fold lines and it was easy, just weld the gaps up! Then cut the end plate bend the edges to 90 degrees - yes I forgot about yesterday so failed to get anything like a useable end plate and made it the baffle instead as it did not need to fit.  The result was flush weld the end plates, by now my welding is actually looking good.  Look for leaks, yes several, try to weld over, leak moves along the seam.  Solution grind back and re-weld success! The end plates did not leak!!!!

So that was the result of a week-ends work, almost.

The next thing was to play with the scuttle, not right yet but pix below just to show I have started - honest!

By now I was Kn#####ed and in need of my Sunday supper - that I had to cook so a quick pint while it was on and I retired to bed happy!


Nick gets busy with the Sewing Machine