Well after the success of the weekend I had a hard day of paperwork Monday, and had the evening to kill - well OK that's not quite true, but you never know my Boss might read this!

The trusty singer was out and pressed into action - tried Saturday evening but the tread I had was too weak, as were the needles - out to the shop Monday lunch time.

The seats are made after the fashion of the book (and the original from what I can see in the few photos I can find) bench back and two 'squabs' made of ply and padded with foam rubber - flame retardant now and covered with the vinyl from the donor.  Must say I did wonder why I had kept the seats, now I know.  There is just, and I mean just, enough to cover the seats with a bit of mix and match.  The sequence of pictures below show the progress to the finished articles.


The nut used to secure the seat back / base to the chassis are 'T' nuts that hammer in and are held in place by teeth that bite into the wood.  should be much better then poking a bolt through or taping a nut on.


And finally set up as per the car

Next time (page) the scuttle and steering / pedal box to finish!

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