Well it's been a while since I 

    a) did any work in the garage and

    b) updated the world on progress, so here goes:

So what has happened, I have redesigned the pedal and brake cylinder mounting to avoid the nasty angle I had designed in on the first attempt, and arranged the mounting for the clutch pedal (third time lucky) the first method was a bit of 1" RHS welded on, but the angles were all wrong and resulted in the cable rubbing on the brake cylinder mount - not good me thinks, method two got the angles right but bend the first time I tried the pedal, hit with a hammer and put a brace on, result no bend, but not enough cable travel to pull the clutch in (or is that out??) thus method 3.

Made up various other brackets, hand brake cable at the end of the transmission tunnel, one for the rubber / plastic bush thingy that came with the sierra steering column, and another for the bush thingy that came with the fiesta (escort) inner steering column that I used to gain the UJs needed to get to the steering rack.  Made the pillars for the 3 point harness' I intend to use, hope they are high enough!


Oh yes played with the Webber 40DCOEs look wild but ... I can foresee problems in several areas, but more later.  I have also made up the dash, cut the body panels and fitted 3 of them (would have been 4 but the carefully measured template that fitted, did not when transferred to the Ali - Ho Humm!!!)

Clutch, steering colum brackets                        

Clutch, Brake MC & Steering brackets                Steering shaft Bracket                            Seat belt / harness pillars

  Webbers on trial fit, Cool eh?

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