Well here are a few pix (well 3 actually) of the wind deflector, it is made of Polycarbonate (Trade name Macrolon) Expensive, the bit for this cost nearly 10 pounds and that was as an off cut!!

It 'machines' very nicely, cuts with a fine jig saw cleanly and easily, sand or file etc.  It is 5mm thick (to give a 2.5mm Radius after rounding of top and side edge).

I've not removed the protective cover yet, as it scratches easily (very!) so take care when working it.  The bolts on the outside i.e. through the screen will be changed as they are contactable by a 100mm sphere and so need to be rounded etc. (the inside ones are not so no problem).

It is mounted on Ali brackets, but these may need changing for steel ones later due to fatigue?!?



View from the front                                                                                View from passengers side

Close up of brackets

All for now, a better update may follow later, see how I feel, but I feel more inclined to put time into the build rather than the page - still...