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Well it is a long story, going back into the mists of time - well OK may be not that far but it feels like it sometimes!


Way back, about 10 Years, I was given a birthday present of a flight in a Cessna 152, in the Algarve, on a beautiful warm sunny day & I was hooked

The trouble was (and is) weather & money.

I started flying in the UK after I was given a present by an Aunt (cash!) and told that it was to se spent on something frivolous, well as I was single and unattached at the time women were out (way more expensive than flying) so I set about finding a flying instructor.  What (or who) I actually found was a chap called Dale Featherby a QFI (Insert here any expansion you can think of for QFI).

Dale is a guy who flies better than he drives (he learn to fly before he learnt to drive), is a good if hard tutor and a superb pilot but don't tell him I said so.

Any way here is a picture of the aircraft I have a share in: known as the ol' girl, Bucker, Roo or Charlie Alpha for obvious reasons (we think)


I hope, may be, to include pages under this one with some details and photos of any trips that I make so there may be a list under here of links:

The Floods of October & November 2000

Project propeller images and some short notes


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